Kashmir-Robotics along with it's partners is hosting the international Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge. wcUAVc fosters innovation and invention among students, hobbyists, academics, and corporations worldwide in the design, fabrication, and utilization of unmanned aircraft to assist with counter poaching of endangered species. 

The Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge is pleased to announce the final competition will take place between November 1 - 8, 2014. We are excited that Amakhala Game Reserve will be hosting the final competition. 

When you purchase products at Kashmir-Rose proceeds benefit wildlife protection programs. 

Save the Rhino bracelets now available.  

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April 17 - Vehicle Sketch Pad

NASA hosted Mark Moore

April 24 - PV Materials and Applications hosted by Joseph Foster 


Princess Aliyah

Founder of wcUAVc

CEO, Kashmir-Robotics a division of Kashmir World Foundation (KWF) a nonprofit organization. 

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge

Innovation - Invention - Intervention

wcuavc Partners

by Princess Aliyah Pandolfi - A new flying robotics challenge takes aim at the armed groups that are hunting the black rhino and other animals out of existence.

As dusk descends on the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a family of black rhinos move quietly away from the water hole toward a resting place in the bush. They are among the last of their kind, the species having been hunted to near extinction, and this evening they are not alone. A group of men have entered Kruger from neighboring Mozambique. They come from a poor village, but they are carrying expensive weapons. Two men carry AK-47 assault rifles to shoot park rangers, one carries a high-caliber rifle to shoot rhinos, and one carries an ax to cut off the horn of the dying animal.



Asia Tech Drones to sponsor 20 Cyclope-E's for wcUAVc Teams. For more info please email julia@wcUAVc.com

Crticial Design Review date post-poned to June 30, 2014.

Kashmir-Robotics Kruger Dream Team Fact-Finding Mission II to Kruger National Park.

Win $500 and 20 bonus points Kashmir Robotics is sponsoring a series Technology Achievement Awards.

john Langford, ceo of aurora flight sciences joins wcUAVc leadership 

We are honored to have Dr. John Langford join the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge's Leadership.

Dr. Langford founded Aurora Flight Sciences in 1989 in order to design and manufacture high altitude UAVs that could be used for global climate change research. In 2004, Dr. Langford received Virginia’s Outstanding Industrialist award for his contribution to business development in Virginia.